Punctuation Ruining The Nation…

I know I’ve said it here before but weird the number of people I know who read here regularly but never actually say it to me. They drop it in conversation, sometimes accidentally and don’t feel it might be even slightly strange. Am I weird to think it’s weird..? Do people do that to your blog? Anyhew…

For the benefit of all who seem to get a kick out of the pedantry in the darkest, dirtiest corners of my mind I give you a new feature for the blog:

Punctuation Ruining The Nation

I was one of the many (if admittedly silent) devotees of the Lynne Truss book Eats, Shoots & Leaves even to the point of rubbing out unnecessary apostrophes on blackboards outside restaurants. At the weekend, two different stores with the same message and the same grinding of my teeth as a result…

Think it’s far healthier for me to vent here than to start setting fire to signs in crowded stores… 🙂

Got any…? rick@2fm.ie



5 thoughts on “Punctuation Ruining The Nation…

  1. My personal favourite is the furniture shop on Capel Street called Sofa’s and Sofa’s. Every time I pass it, I feel an awful urge to shimmy up its tacky orange exterior and rip those extraneous apostrophes right off.

  2. The thought had always occured to me when I saw that shop – what if it’s run by Mr & Mrs Sofa…?



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